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Passion, Professionalism, Quality and American Walnut..
Here is our company!!

American walnut differs from european walnut for its darker shades of color hindered by the contrast of light tones and multi-colored fiber.

It is currently highly utilized for elegant and prestigious furniture.


The connection between quality, professionalism and passion is revealed by DL Legnami and its craftsmanship of american walnut (also known in Italy as walnut Canaletto).


Our company has operated for over 15 years achieving a solid experience with this material. Contemporary and fashionable in any season.


As its name would suggest, american walnut is carefully selected and imported from the United States by our experienced staff.

We select and craft this quality material to satisfy the needs and demands of each and every customer.


Our strength lies in our thorough approach to creating wood flooring, furniture and wooden panels.

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